Why Certifications?

Certification is increasingly seen as an added value to university degrees. It is common these days for employers to ask for professional certifications or membership of professional bodies when advertising vacancies. This is very necessary especially when viewed against the backdrop of the number of applicants vying for limited job openings. Certifications not only distinguish the job seeker from the others, it provides the assurance to the employers that the candidate possesses the right set of skills. Candidates must ensure that they have the precise certification that is recognised in the industry of their choices. Professional certifications enhance the job seekers’ chances of being selected for job openings.

The Federal Government of Nigeria has seen the importance of job readiness skills as a powerful way of complimenting the Nigeria Education, thus the support for vocational education. For university students, high level skills required in the multinational and cutting edge organisations are acquired via trainings. Below are some of our professional training programmes for undergraduate students: